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After You Leave

Step 3: After You Leave


Managing your pain control, looking after dressings, and resuming normal activities will be the key issues after you leave the clinic. Before you came to the clinic you will have received some general post-op instructions and these will be supplemented with some that are more specific to your procedure. The nurse will review these in the presence of the person who is picking you up because they may be able to remember the details best.

You will receive specific instructions on how to use the different pain killers to their best effect. Good pain control can make all the difference and we put a lot of effort into this.


Before you leave we will make sure arrangements have been made as to when to see your surgeon next. Kamloops Surgical Centre will contact you by phone in approximately 30 days. We will ask several questions as to your experience at our clinic, the quality of care, and if you experienced any problems or complications. It is very important that we hear the good and bad – it will only make us better.


Potential complications of any surgery include bleeding, infection, wound breakdown, pneumonia, and the possibility of unexpected blood clots forming in the leg veins. Some can occur within a day of the surgery while others happen up to weeks later. It is important that you have a plan in the event of something unexpected.

If you suddenly become desperately unwell, call an ambulance or go straight to the nearest Emergency Department. If you have a more gradual problem, contact your surgeon through their office. If your surgeon is unavailable, there will be another surgeon on-call to cover their patients.