Kamloops Surgical Centre LTD

About Kamloops Surgical Centre

Leaders In Private Surgery

Kamloops Surgical Centre was created to provide optimal care to others. Since 2003 we have been leaders in private surgery and our top priority is providing the patient with the highest standard of medical care. Our team of compassionate physicians and surgeons are here to make you feel at home and comfortable.

The Kamloops Surgical Centre is fully accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia and is a member of CIMCA (The Canadian Independent Medical Clinics Association).

Our Philosophy

Providing excellent service to our patients drives our business philosophy. Kamloops Surgical Centre believes in the following core values and principles:

  • Patient needs take priority
  • Provide an integrated, multidisciplinary team of compassionate surgeons and physicians
  • Ensure the highest standard of medical care
  • Remain at the forefront of best practices and medical advancement
  • Respect and acknowledge every patient’s individual needs and circumstances